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President Museveni reiterates Governments’ commitment to funding the Makerere University Perimeter Wall

H. E President Yoweri K. Museveni (Middle) together with the Chancellor, Prof. George Mondo Kagonyera (Right) and Vice Chancellor, Prof. John Ddumba-Ssentamu (Left) on arrival at Freedom SquareCommenting on the historic courtesy call held in the Office of the Vice Chancellor, Prof. John Ddumba-Ssentamu informed the Mak Public Relations Office that the Vice Chancellor and the Head of State who is also the Visitor of Makerere University had a one-on-one interaction focusing on scaling Makerere University to greater heights.

This happened on Saturday 23rd May 2015 when H. E President Yoweri K. Museveni paid a courtesy call on the Vice Chancellor, Prof. John Ddumba-Ssentamu. The Vice Chancellor used the same opportunity to thank H.E President Museveni for increasing funding to Makerere University.  He equally thanked the President for the ongoing negotiations between the Government and the Church of Uganda aimed at securing the land occupied by Mak College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Bio-Security (CoVAB).

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Mak a key player in Ashinaga 100 year Vision for Africa

Makerere-VC-Ashinaga-Courtesy-Call-12thDec2014Throughout the courtesy call held in the Office of the Vice Chancellor, President Yoshiomi Tamai-the Founder and President of Ashinaga-Japan spoke with a lot of optimism about Africa. With his rich and generous heart, his love for Africa and the African people stands out. He would like to see a happy, free and empowered African people.

On Friday 12th December 2014, the 79 year old, President Yoshiomi Tamai who is credited with having supported over 800 orphans in Africa to access education, and engaging the youth to play their role in the realization of poverty eradication in Africa, shared Ashinaga’s 100 year plan for Africa with the Vice Chancellor, Professor John Ddumba-Ssentamu.

To date, Ashinaga has provided $1 billion in educational aid to some 90,000 orphaned students in Japan, and its activities have extended to 21 countries and regions. Sharing the Ashinaga 100 year plan, President Yoshiomi Tamai informed the Vice Chancellor that the plan for Africa prioritizes access to education.  It entails supporting orphans to access higher education in Africa and abroad. It is envisaged that with this support, poverty eradication and leadership development will be realized. Ashinaga is planning to support 49 students from sub-Saharan Africa to access higher education with Makerere University playing a central role.

“Mr. Vice Chancellor, I come to you with a proposal. Four days ago I met the Vice Chancellor of Oxford University in UK who has accepted to partner with Ashinaga. I propose that we collaborate with Oxford in UK, Ashinaga in Japan and Makerere University in Uganda and put our efforts together to enable orphans access education and contribute to poverty eradication in Africa. With Makerere University, we want the African people involved,” said the President Yoshiomi Tamai.

Reiterating the fact that education is the key to development, the Vice Chancellor- Professor John Ddumba-Ssentamu welcomed the proposal with utmost humility.

“I have no objection. We thank you for developing Africa and for choosing Makerere University as a partner. Makerere recognizes partnership as a strategic goal and is ready to strengthen the partner with Ashinaga to contribute to the transformation of Africa and the realization of the Ashinaga 100 year plan for Africa,” remarked Professor Ddumba-Ssentamu.

Giving a highlight on the relationship between Makerere University School of Psychology and Ashinaga, Professor Peter K. Baguma reported that the collaboration, which started in 2010, has continued to grow and benefitted people in Uganda and beyond.

“Mr. Vice Chancellor, the staff in the School of Psychology continue to provide professional services to Ashinaga.  The students from the School of Psychology have accessed internship placement in Ashinaga, which has been very crucial to their academic growth. Currently, 10 students from 10 sub-Saharan counties are being trained to ensure that they get the required grades to access the university education. In 2015, we hope to enroll these 10 students in the best universities worldwide,” said Professor Baguma, Dean-School of Psychology, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Makerere University.

As a way of reaching out to the young people/future leaders, President Yoshiomi Tamai on Thursday 11th December 2014 delivered a public lecture titled: Poverty Eradication in Sub-Saharan Africa: Creating Global Leaders through Higher Education. With the Ambassador of Japan to Uganda, H.E Junzo Fujita as Guest of Honour, President Yoshiomi Tamai shared the Ashinaga Perspective with over 270 students who convened in the Senate Conference Hall, Makerere University. Professor Livingstone S. Luboobi, Former Vice Chancellor of Makerere University was the discussant at the Public Lecture.

Story by: Ritah Namisango, Public Relations Office

Photos by: Elias Tuhereze, Public Relations Office


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North Korea to partner with Makerere University

Prof. George Mondo Kagonyera, Minister of Health of North KoreaThe Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Korea, Hon. Kung Suk Ung, has expressed willingness to partner with Makerere University in mutual areas of interest. The Minister who was responding to a call from the Chancellor, Prof. George Mondo Kagonyera, on 31st October 2014, observed that North Korea has had bilateral relations with Uganda for a long time and collaborating with Makerere University would be an added advantage.

"Makerere University is a big institution of higher learning in the region. 25% of our students study science courses and the other 75% are in the arts discipline. We have trained many of the world leaders like the late Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and Mwai Kibaki of Kenya and continue to be hungry for knowledge. We look forward with excitement to pick knowledge from your country. Many of our students would like t be exposed to the technology in your country and we look forward to opportunities of collaboration,” said Chancellor Kagonyera.

“Seventy years ago we had only one university but as of today we have over 260 universities with thousands of students. President Museveni told us that the first tank force in Uganda was trained by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, DPRK.  I also know that many of your doctors trained in North Korea. We fully give attention to your opinion on collaborating with North Korea and we will discuss it further when we return home. We will come back and discuss with you,” responded Hon. Kung Suk Ung.

Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, the Acting Vice Chancellor observed that “As the leading academic institution in the region, Makerere University is passionate about innovations generated through knowledge transfer partnerships and networking. We are particularly hopeful, that partnerships with universities and research institutions in the DPRK will enable us leverage the rich experience of those institutions, as we search for solutions for our national development. We also believe that such partnerships will help further cement the friendly relations between the people of Uganda and the DPRK. It is therefore my sincere wish that your visit will facilitate these partnerships.”

The delegation informed Makekere University that North Korea has been looking forward to developing further relations with Uganda, which hosts the only Korean Embassy in the whole of the Eastern region.

food-science-tourThe fifteen member visiting delegation, was led by Hon. Kang Ha Kuk, Minister of Health of DPRK. They toured the School of Food Technology, Nutrition and Bioengineering, where they saw the production line and other key innovations as explained by Prof. John Muyonga.

Story by Marion Alina

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MUST-Prof-Obua-Handover-24thOct2014-VCWarm greetings from the Makerere University Council, Senate, Staff, Students and Alumni!

We are glad that both Makerere University (92 years of existence) and Mbarara University of Science and Technology (now 25 years) are partners. We have been called and blessed with the noble duty of creating and imparting knowledge critical to the positive transformation of society and the world at large. It is also gratifying to note that in the higher education sector, this cardinal duty of nurturing and training graduates who value knowledge is an everlasting obligation!

It is in this spirit of continuity, and yet relevant to the society that higher education institutions exist to serve, that I, on behalf of Makerere University, heartily congratulate the Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) Council, Senate, Management, Staff, Students and Alumni upon marking 25 years of existence. This milestone in your history indeed pays homage to your founding principle; to train much-needed manpower to revamp our then collapsing economy and social infrastructure, and for this, we congratulate you!

As an institution that was founded on the philosophy that science and technology is the key in fast tracking Uganda’s nation building initiatives, we wish to commend you upon adopting various innovative strategies that have seen you graduate over seven thousand students since inception. We also wish to laud you upon establishing various community outreach initiatives which have ensured that the groundbreaking research and new knowledge generated at MUST has benefited the population in Uganda and the world at large.

Makerere University over her own decades of existence has indeed come to appreciate the value that knowledge transfer partnerships and networking bring to our country, in as far as improving the livelihoods and skills of our communities is concerned. However, I must hasten to add that this process has been mutually beneficial especially as it has enabled Makerere University to constantly refine her curricula to adapt to the ever changing regional and global needs.

I therefore once again sincerely congratulate Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) upon this important milestone and pray that you continue being inspired for countless generations to come by your motto ‘Succeed we Must’. May the Almighty God continue to grant you wisdom in all your endeavours, and we look forward to celebrating your Golden Jubilee in the years to come!

Yours sincerely,

Professor Barnabas Nawangwe
Acting Vice Chancellor



Makerere VC MUST Silver Jubilee Congratualtulatory Message: pdf(249KB)

Image courtesy MUST

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