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H.E. Angell urges Makerere to explore more partnerships with Canada

Dr-Tayeebwa-presentationThe Vice Chancellor, Prof. John Ddumba-Sentamu met on 13th August 2013 with Canada's High Commissioner to Uganda H.E. David Angell and discussed prospects for Makerere to partner with Canadian research and academic institutions.

The High Commissioner, also Canada's ambassador to Kenya based in Nairobi, held discussions with Prof. Ddumba-Ssentamu on the sidelines of a roundtable on "The State of the Media in Uganda" organized by the Department of Journalism and Communication, College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHUSS) at the Grand Imperial Hotel - Kampala.

The Vice Chancellor thanked the Ambassador for the support Canada has extended to several units in Makerere University, especially the College of Health Sciences (CHS), through the International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

H.E. Angell assured the Vice Chancellor that the Canadian Government is still committed to supporting research and scholarships, and urged Makerere staff to explore the many opportunities offered not only by IDRC but also through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

The High Commissioner noted that the contemporary model makes it possible for researchers in the South to work in partnership with colleagues in the West. He further noted that centres such as the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) as well as Grand Challenges Canada are the avenues to explore in this regard.

On the networking front, H.E. Angell called upon Prof. Ddumba-Ssentamu, himself an Alumnus of the University of Waterloo in Canada, to help spearhead the strengthening of partnerships between associations such as the 'Friends of Uganda in Canada', as well as the Alumni of Canadian institutions in Uganda, so as to engage in mutually beneficial activities. He observed that there was a heavy concentration of Ugandan Diaspora in the academia that could play a key role as visiting lecturers in their Motherland.

The keynote address at the roundtable was presented by Prof. Fredrick Jjuuko, who noted that challenges in the existing legal frameworks permit increased government interference in the editorial functioning through intimidation, attacks and violations against journalists, and on wider freedoms of expression.

The roundtable attracted several journalists and media-based civil society actors working on issues of human rights and freedoms of expression. Several presenters from the civil society sector argued that freedom of expression is not a preserve of the media, but a right of everyone. It was observed that the mass media are, to a great extent, custodians of all human rights and freedoms and can only provide a platform when allowed to operate independently and professionally.

The meeting was also attended by Dr. Aaron Mushengyezi and Dr. William Tayeebwa from the Department of Journalism and Communication, who had earlier hosted the High Commissioner as he launched the roundtable.

Reported by Dr. William Tayeebwa

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Rt. Hon. Mbabazi launches Students Centre Project at Mak@90 Grand Finale

On Saturday 3rd August 2013, distinguished guests, alumni, partners, staff, students, friends and well-wishers filled the Makerere University campus to participate in the ‘Mak@90’ Grand Finale; a climax of the year-long celebrations to mark 90 years of Makerere University’s existence. Thanks to the heavens for the fine and cool weather!

Fmr. Kenyan President H.E. Mwai Kibaki signs the Live painting in commemorating the 90 Years of Makerere accompanied by the Chief Guest Rt. Hon. Amama Mbabazi (2nd R) at the Mak@90 Grand Finale Celebrations 3rd August 2013, Makerere University, Kampala UgandaAs early as 9:00am, one would feel the celebratory mood in the atmosphere, as flags flew high and the proud alumni kept streaming in. A green and clean campus, people of all ages walking majestically to the Freedom Square; the Uganda Police band playing wonderful hymns; students wearing red gowns; and all invited guests elegantly and confidently walking in, with happy faces – clearly communicating that they have an inner untold joy to be at Makerere University!

By 10:30am, the Freedom Square was filled to capacity as they waited to receive the Chief Guest, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The jubilant congregation welcomed the composer of the Makerere University Anthem, Mr. Grace Wilson Mutekanga Igaga with a standing ovation as he was ushered in the VIP tent in the Freedom Square. The Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda, Rt. Hon. Amama Mbabazi, an alumnus of Makerere University represented His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Uganda. The congregation also rose to their feet to welcome H.E Dr. Mwai Kibaki, former President of the Republic of Kenya, and a distinguished alumnus of Makerere University, to the historic celebrations.

Under the theme, “Leadership towards Africa’s transformation in the 21st century,” the staff and students exhibited the latest advances in research and innovations at this great institution. The Chancellor of Makerere University, Chairperson of Council, Vice Chancellor, the Prime Minister of Uganda, the Minister of Education and Sports; and other dignitaries toured the exhibition.

On behalf of the President, Rt. Hon. Amama Mbabazi laid a foundation stone for the Makerere University Students’ Centre.  This project is expected to cost USD 30million with Phase 1 costing USD 15million, and total built-up area of 58,000sq.metres. The congregation was wowed by the magnificent  artistic impression of the proposed storied Students’ centre.  An excited member of the congregation blossoming with happiness was overheard exclaiming, “Oh dear Lord, I wish I live to see the completion of this wonderful Students’ Centre!” May the Almighty grant this wish. 
“The need for Universities to devote more time to research, innovations and career guidance so as to help our children study courses that are relevant to the needs of society has never been greater than it is currently. We would therefore like to congratulate Makerere University for extending her innovations to economic self sustainability by seeking to construct the multi-facility Students Centre,” he said. He also re-emphasized Government’s commitment to supporting Makerere University.  

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. John Ddumba- Ssentamu, explained that the Students’ Centre will be a one-stop information centre for students with a multi-purpose auditorium. He called unto all stakeholders, including the alumni to support this cause.

“The role of Alumni in any Institution cannot be underestimated. You are core to the existence of any University. As you may be aware, most Universities, especially in the North, have mostly succeeded because of the support of their alumni. In times when Government funding for higher education is increasingly not enough, the Alumni have a great opportunity to make a substantial contribution. Makerere University has produced over 300,000 graduates. I would like to thank you, Alumni of Makerere University for your various contributions wherever you are in Uganda and all over the globe. I am now appealing to you – the Alumni – to come forward and make your contribution towards this great Institution,” he appealed. The VC also paid tribute to the development partners for supporting the institutional programmes of Makerere University. Professor Ddumba-Ssentamu , also the Chairperson of Mak@90 Main Organising Committee applauded the Members of Mak@90 Organising Committee, University of East Africa celebrations Committee and the Ceremonies Committee for  the hard work and selfless service during the year-long Mak@90 celebrations.

An Artistic Impression of the Proposed Makerere Students' Centre, Makerere University, Kampala UgandaH.E Mwai Kibaki, former President of Kenya who spoke as a distinguished alumni of Makerere University, challenged young Makerereans to make their contribution by breaking new ground in research.

“As old Makerereans, we have done our part. It is now the turn of young Makerereans to break new ground through research and innovations,” he emphasized.
Drawing examples of some of the prominent alumni that have gone through Makerere University like the late Julius Nyerere, President Kabila of DRC; President Kibaki congratulated Makerere University for giving the region and the entire world high quality human resource.

“I am grateful to be a witness to the ninety year celebrations. It is not the number of years that count but rather the institution’s illustrious story of transformation,” he added. President Kibaki, a proud alumnus of Makerere University was grateful to the Institution for contributing to making him what he is today.

The celebrations were heightened with the fresh news of Makerere University’s improved ranking from 9th to 4th position on the continent, as per the July 2013 webometric rankings.

“In the next few years, Makerere should become a World Class University. The Task Force on Job Evaluation and Re-organisation of Staff Structure of Makerere University has already made path finder recommendations that are being scrutinized and we shall soon be able to set Makerere on the path to World Class categorization and this is a sure possibility,” re-assured Hon. Jessica Alupo, the Education Minister.

On behalf of the Student community, the Guild President, H.E Anna Adeke-Ebaju, appealed to the Government of Uganda to increase funding to public universities. She requested Government to re-consider the beneficiaries of the Students’ Loan Scheme, which currently caters for only science students, and excludes humanities and social sciences. In response to her request, the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister explained that the Students loan is still in its infancy, Government is aware of its challenges, but that it will improve as time goes by.

A key highlight of the celebrations was the recognition of Mr. Grace Wilson Mutekanga Igaga, the composer of the Makerere University Anthem. The police band played and the congregation joined in giving this illustrious alumnus a highly deserved standing ovation as he walked to receive an award from the Chancellor, Professor George Mondo Kagonyera, in recognition of his genius contribution to Makerere University.

“As we celebrate the 90 years of Makerere University, I take this singular honour of recognizing the composer of one of the most beautiful anthems, I have ever listened to,” remarked the joyful Chancellor. He then presented the well-worded and beautiful plaque to Mr. Grace Wilson Mutekanga Igaga and a dummy cheque of Five Million shillings, as a token of appreciation from the Makerere University.

Mr. Grace Wilson Mutekanga Igaga, in recognition of your ingenious efforts in composing the Makerere University Anthem - a timeless and eternally inspiring masterpiece – read part of the plaque.

The 70 year old Grace Wilson Mutekanga Igaga thrilled the congregation when he melodiously and articulately opened his voice cords to sing a stanza of the coveted Anthem; in a manner that only the original composer could have done. He was extremely natural, original and fully in control, as the audience looked on in awe, fighting back tears of joy! Mutekanga was in the company of his dear wife, Mrs. Frances Mutekanga. The applause that followed was thunderous!

In his address to the congregation, the jovial alumnus, Mutekanga said, “With big humility, I stand before you, to thank you Mr. Vice Chancellor and your administration for every effort. I thank the Makerere University community for accepting my commodity. I say to the entire world, I feel honoured. I have never imagined that I would receive this honour when I am still alive. I am very grateful for the Award.”

In the same spirit, Gen. Elly Tumwine, the Patron of the Great Lakes Students’ Union presented a medal to H.E Dr. Mwai Kibaki in recognition of his outstanding political, economic and life achievements and also for promoting good governance in the region.

The guests were treated to a photographic memory lane of Makerere University and a video tour of the great Institution. They were served mouth-watering snacks and bull-roasting. The celebration attracted artists who are also alumni of Makerere University. Key among them was Herbert Segujja, a popular comedian,  excellent at mimicking President Museveni. The audience broke into uncontrollable laughter when the comedy version of President Museveni in the person of Segujja, drove into the Freedom Square with full V.I.P escorts and glamour. He went ahead to give remarks that sent the audience into further laughter. By press time, (10:00pm) the guests were still dancing to the tunes of these artists, in a highly interactive dance floor. The event was updated online (facebook and twitter) as it happened, and was also covered live on UBC. As estimated 900 guests attended the grand finale, close to the expected 1,000.

The event was majorly sponsored by Makerere University. Other sponsors included Bank of Uganda, Centenary Bank; Stanbic Bank; dfcu Bank, Crane Bank; Coca-Cola Sabco, Crown Beverages LimitedUBC Television, NTV, sms one and the Daily Monitor.

Congratulations to Makerere University for successfully celebrating the 90 years of existence.

Looking forward to the Centennial celebrations!



Story By Ritah Namisango and Marion Alina
Photos by Elias Tuhereze and Joseph Buwule

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H.E Kufour advises on Uganda's Oil Resource

Chancellor decorates H.E KufuorThe former President of Ghana, H.E John Agyekum Kufuor, has advocated for good governance, as a key strategy in managing Uganda's oil resource. He was delivering a public lecture at an overflowing Makerere University Main Hall on the 2nd Aug. 2013. The lecture was titled, 'Oil resource Management and its Utilization for the Economic Transformation – The case study of Ghana.'

"There are many nations without resource wealth but who have attained dramatic heights of transformation. Countries like Singapore, South Korea, and some of the so called 'little tigers' of Southeast Asia are typical examples. It was not so much by the abundance of their natural resources as by the quality of their leadership and their commitment to the progress and welfare of their peoples," he said.

"Economic transformation with or without oil, arguably depends on leadership, good governance and development," he added.

H.E Kufuor pointed out that to manage her oil resource, Ghana put in place ample legislation including the Petroleum Revenue Management Act 2011 and the Petroleum Commission Act 2011. These laws had strong provisions on governance, oversight, transparency and accountability – plus rigorous provisions for reporting on oil fund assets, expenditures and investments.

In his welcome remarks, the Vice Chancellor of Makerere University, Prof. John Ddumba Ssentamu, thanked H.E Kufuor for accepting to deliver the lecture at Makerere University.

"On behalf of Makerere University, I thank you for accepting to deliver a public lecture and be part of celebrations of 90 years of this institution. Most Ugandans belief that the discovery of oil will transform Uganda from a peasant to an upper income society. We should however note that development is not possible if it does not take place in the minds of people too," he said.

The Chancellor, Prof. Mondo Kagonyera presented H.E Kufuor with a medallion in apprecaition of his public lecture at this Institution. President Kufuor congratulated Makerere University for clocking ninety and hailed her for the excellent human resourcse output, that has benefited the region.

The Prime Minister of Uganda, Hon. Amama Mbabazi said that Uganda has put in place good policies to manage the oil resource, with input from countries like Ghana and Norway. He emphasized that oil will be a blessing to Uganda and a benefit to all.

The highly interactive lecture was discussed by Dr. Ezra Suruma, a Senior Presidential Advisor on Finance and Economic Planning; Dr. Julius Kizza, Associate Prof. Department of Political Science Makerere University; Godber Tumushabe, Executive Director ACODE and Mr. Ernest Rubondo, a Commissioner in the Petroleum Exploration and Production Department, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development.

The discussants described the lecture as timely to Uganda, especially on the issue of accountability to the eagerly awaiting citizens. They agreed that good governance, coupled with proper legislation were indeed key drivers of excellent resource management.

The Public lecture, moderated by Patrick Kamara – a Journalist, was organized by Makerere University Convocation. It attracted a number of high profile people including Makerere University Staff, Government officials, Development partners, Diplomats, Politicians, Makerere University Students and alumni.

The lecture is part of the year long celebrations of Makerere University, which will close on the 3rd Aug. 2013, in a Grand finale.

Click here to download the Public Lecture.

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Marion ALINA
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New DVC F/A Promises Financial transparency

DVCFA-handoverThe outgoing Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Finance and Administration (DVC F/A), Prof. Tickodri Togboa, handed over office to newly appointed DVC Assoc. Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, on 1st August 2013.

DVC Assoc. Prof. Nawangwe promised to work on transparency and improve information sharing in the university.

"I hope for maximum transparency. We need to publish our accounts to the public, definitely to the Makerere community. Why shouldn't people in Makerere not know how much money we make and how we spend it? What are the debts we have? Let us be as transparent as possible. It actually helps us. It relieves us,' he emphasized.

He also promised to focus on team work in the implementation of his business plan and emphasized the need to have a vibrant human resource.

"If we have a human resource that is demoralized, the University will not run. A lot of our efforts in this department will be geared towards making people have the morale; the satisfaction to do what they are doing. We should put all our efforts in trying to achieve this. We must remember that the people of Uganda have requested us to run this institution on their behalf. It is possible to take this University higher," he said.

In his handover remarks, Prof. Tickodri pointed out that the University was in a much better situation now, as opposed to what it was 45 months ago. He articulated that the office of the DVC F/A, had been able to address the domestic arrears which were to a tune of 26.4 Billion as of Nov.2009. He also pointed out that the outstanding utility bills are now more manageable with the introduction of the bulk metering. He was grateful that the issue of late payment of student fees was being addressed through implementation of the 60% policy.

"Delayed disbursement to units is still a challenge especially when government remittances are slow and students do not pay on time. The current management is trying to implement the 60% policy and this should continue," he advised.

Prof. Tickodri was grateful to Makerere University for having given him an opportunity to serve, and promised to give guidance when sought.

The handover ceremony was attended by members of top management including the Director Internal Audit Mr. Charles Barugahare; the Director Human Resources Mrs. Mary Tizikara; the University Bursar Mr.Joshua Karamagi and the University Secretary Mr. David Kahundha Muhwezi.

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Marion Alina
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